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Softuri necesare oricarui utilizator de Windows
2012-11-08, 10:46 PM
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Anton, really good ieitrvnew for competitor. Enjoyed it a lot and was inspired to look into "Running to the Top"; just ordered it at a local bookstore. It sounds like it made a huge impression on you. Also, curious about these new NB shoes you mentioned; they sound just right.And, last comment, Yeasayer. Man, I like that song Tightrope. A lot. I'm the kind of guy that would tell my friends only half joking that no bands formed after 1998 are worth listening to. But now I've been playing this one Yeasayer song several times a day. The only thing is I haven't found more songs that feel the same way this one feels (by them). The other songs are still good, but this one... Man... Fantastic.

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